4 Easy Ways to Bug-Proof Your Home

There is no “one” sure fire way to eliminate pesty bugs from your home or outdoor living space. However, a few items such as a magnetic bug screen in your door and other accessories or good habits will go a long way to getting pretty darn close. The best part is, it won’t cost you a fortune or a lot of work to accomplish.

Here are four easy ways to bug-proof your home, as well as a few pitfalls to avoid.

  • Magnetic Bug Screen

If you are hosting any type of event outside, you will have to deal with unwanted pests getting into your house or around your food. It is inevitable. Your backyard may be prone to wasps, flies, or the most annoying pests of all—mosquitoes. That doesn’t mean they are invited to your party, however.

During a party, everyone has to enter the house at some point, even if most of the celebration is outside. Going in and out of doors means letting tons of unwanted pests enter your home. Unless, of course, you have a magnetic bug screen.

You may already have a screen door that successfully allows the breeze to flow through your home. However, opening and closing a screen door means easy access for bugs; they are just waiting for their chance to get inside.

Screen doors with magnets are super effective in keeping bugs out because they instantly seal again after you walk through. The strong magnets close behind you, guests, children, and pets, so you don’t have to worry about closing it each time. Most importantly, it’s hands-free! You can carry a huge plate of barbecue and walk right through the door with no hassle.

Guests will appreciate the ease of use and the cool, bug-free breeze they will be able to enjoy when inside. Another great perk of screen doors with magnets is you can still see and hear the action through them, so you don’t have to feel too isolated!

  • Citronella Candles

For bug control outside, use citronella candles. These tried-and-true classics not only keep away mosquitos, but they can provide a wonderfully pleasant atmosphere as the sun sets. While they won’t keep the barbecue party 100% bug-free, you don’t want to use any type of bug spray near or around your guests or the food.

You should also avoid devices that attract bugs by zapping them. The sound itself is annoying, and it will end up attracting more pests than if you used nothing at all.

The more effective you are in eliminating pests inside and around the outside gathering area, the more enjoyable the experience will be for you and your guests.

  • DIY Pest Control

Magnetic screen doors do a lot to prevent bugs from entering the home. And citronella candles are effective in keeping bugs away. However, if you really want to bug-proof, and get rid of the existing you may have – you are going to have to get tough.

Having a professional “pest-man” is one way to go, but there are also options out there allowing you to DIY pest control. You can get a monthly, or semi-monthly plan that is customized to fit your specific needs.

For example, you may not have a bug problem in your front yard. If that is the case, why do you pay your pest control person for your entire property? DIY pest control allows you to get exactly the amount you need so that you can use it where you know it needs it the most.

These subscription plans are super convenient because they are delivered right to your door – no more hours wandering the Home Depot and Lowes aisles for something that “might work.” You can even get customized formulations to target specific pests that you may have. Save money, time, and get exactly what you need where you need it.

  • Maintain Your Yard

Any pest or bug problem in your home can often be connected to the maintenance of the property itself. For example, your yard. Mosquitoes are one of the most common bugs that enter the home, and without proper maintenance, they will be drawn to your property.

While you will never eliminate every mosquito, repairing rain spouts and gutters in areas where water pools or collects can help this problem significantly. Mosquitoes love water so eliminating unnecessary puddling is extremely helpful.

During the fall months, it is necessary to rake your leaves. Bugs can hide and reproduce, causing an infestation. It is worth paying the kids down the street a few bucks and loaning them a rake.


Keeping bugs out of your home can be managed with the proper essentials. By incorporating these four tips, you can easily and affordably bug-proof your home.

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