10 best practices for running a virtual conference

The global pandemic has forced many organisations to jump-start a virtual conference of their own or to shift a regularly scheduled physical event into an online forum.  The pivot sounds easy on the surface, but producing a world-class virtual conference requires a different mindset.

Why virtual?

The vast majority of tech professionals have spent their careers attending in-person conferences. Done well, a conference can stimulate education around best practices and provide valuable opportunities to connect with industry peers. However, in-person conferences are limited by physical space. Often, budgetary constraints on tickets or travel prevent the very people – and entire departments – who would benefit most from new training and peer-led instruction from attending. Understandably, physical events are, by nature, are exclusive – not everyone who could participate has the opportunity to do so.  Virtual events – done right – remove many of the barriers to accessibility. They can be inclusive, free to attend, and accessed from anywhere.

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