4 ways to fight back against coronavirus phishing and malware attacks

Sadly, with the widespread media attention around the coronavirus, attackers are already using the topic to bait victims into opening malicious attachments. Researchers at IBM X-Force have identified several campaigns which, when an attachment is opened, results in an Emotet banking trojan being downloaded silently in the background. This can then steal sensitive information from the user. Kaspersky, Proofpoint and Mimecast have all seen similar attacks.

For businesses, malware can wreak havoc. Not only can it cause websites and mobile applications to be taken down, but it can also access sensitive information which can have devastating security, reputational and financial consequences. For banks, attackers can use sensitive information to commit fraud. So, what can banks and businesses do to ensure they and their customers are protected during this period of heightened threat activity?

Implement expert rules

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