AMD launches Ryzen Pro 4000-series ‘Renoir’ APUs for desktops: 8 cores and Radeon Vega

The AMD Ryzen Pro 4000-series mobile ‘Renoir’ APUs as well as their non-Pro counterparts impressed both OEMs and end-users with their performance and feature set earlier this year, so  the arrival of AMD’s Ryzen 4000G and Ryzen Pro 4000-series processors for desktops was eagerly anticipated for months.

Today, AMD finally introduced its new Ryzen 4000G APUs for consumer desktops as well as Ryzen Pro 4000 APUs for business and commercial desktops.

The new APUs feature up to eight cores based on AMD’s latest Zen 2 microarchitecture as well as integrated Radeon Vega graphics. Traditionally, AMD’s Pro APUs are available only to system integrators and OEMs since PC manufacturers can actually make their capabilities work as designed, but eventually non-pro Ryzen 4000G-series will also make their way to the channel. 

(Image credit: AMD)

The family of AMD Ryzen Pro 4000-series processors with Radeon Vega graphics includes six APUs: three SKUs with a 65W TDP aimed at mainstream desktops as well as three models with a 35W TPD designed for small-form-factor machines.

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