An Update to Unraveling an Email Scam

About a month in the past I revealed a online video and weblog put up in which I spelled out the course of action that I made use of to unravel an electronic mail fraud in which a person claimed to be an mental assets lawyer pursuing a case from me. That web site article turned out to be one the most well-known factors that I have released this yr so I thought that I would give an update on what has took place considering that then. 

I replied to the e mail with an clarification of why the assert was bogus and that they could get missing. I in no way listened to back after that. But considering the fact that the web-site was however saved my Chrome profile and predicted every time I entered URLs commencing with the letter A, I saved an eye on the web page. Yesterday early morning the internet site went dead. 

Other People today Who Uncovered the Rip-off

Just after viewing that the web page experienced gone offline my curiosity obtained the very best of me and I went down a rabbit hole of hunting to see if there are other men and women like me who bought the similar rip-off email and decided to eviscerate the scammers. I did a look for on Twitter and rapidly observed a number of other folks who arrived to the identical conclusion that I did. 

Shawna Newman was the recipient of the very same rip-off e mail again in February. Apparently, when she termed them out on it they transformed the handle on their web site from New York to Boston. Here’s her Tweet about it

Ray Alexander acquired the similar scam email and took the technique that I did. He wrote a lengthy site submit detailing how he unraveled the scam. This is his Tweet and here is his site post

Ben Dickson also gained the email and resolved to publish an unraveling of the rip-off. Here is his Twitter thread on the matter

Lessons for Absolutely everyone

1. Don’t be a lame Search engine optimization backlink scammer.

2. If you do get an electronic mail from anyone declaring to be an legal professional (or likewise attempts to look authoritative) and it doesn’t appear right, search at all of the context clues. In this circumstance there were a whole lot of context clues that produced it fairly noticeable that there was a scam at play. The initial of people clues staying that the e-mail was addressed to “owner of website” and not to any unique particular person.


3. Never click on on one-way links in email messages that you weren’t expecting.