Apple asks iOS users to reinstall a bunch of app updates – and we don’t know why

Many iPhone and iPad users have reported a sudden spike in the number of apps that require an update – and nobody seems to quite know why.

Apple appears to have reissued a number of recent updates for popular applications, forcing some users to reinstall the latest iteration of software already present (and fully-updated) on their devices.

The volume of updates required varies user-by-user, depending on how many apps are installed on the device, but can reportedly reach up to 100 in some instances.

iOS app updates

Although the reason behind the mysterious onslaught of updates remains unclear, some have suggested it might be related to a flaw in iOS 13.5 – Apple’s latest operating system, published only days ago.

The bug reportedly affects Family Sharing settings and prevents users accessing specific applications, instead generating an error alert that reads: “This app is no longer shared with you”.

Alerts of this kind are typical if changes are made to a user’s access privileges – for example, if a parent were to ban a child from accessing certain material – but in this case apps are rendered inaccessible whether settings have been tinkered with or not.

The problem can be remedied easily enough by deleting the affected applications via the Settings pane and then reinstalling, but to do this for up to 100 apps could well tax a user’s patience.

The sudden reissuance of updates, the theory has it, could have something to do with this Family Sharing bug, but Apple has not yet supplied an official explanation – and did not respond immediately to our request for clarification.

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