Appointment Scheduling Software With Reminders

Do all your clients come to you at the right time of each appointment? Then you’re lucky! Cause a lot of appointments never take place, because the clients forget their appointments. If you’d been using appointment scheduling software with text reminders, the clients would get an instant text message to their cell phones. They will remember the appointment!

Up until just a couple of years ago, you’d have to sit around, waiting for your client to show up. And if she didn’t, you would call her, just to find out that she forgot about the important one hour appointment with you. And since she lives 30 minutes away from your office, she can’t get their in time, or you’ll miss your next appointment. So it’s basically one hour wasted time for you. And no income, since clients usually don’t feel like paying for scheduling an appointment that didn’t happen. Even if it’s their own fault that they forgot.

Now you can easily remove this worry, and make sure your clients actually makes it to the appointment. At first, you need to have an online appointment scheduler. Open up your appointment book, and put it on the web. It’s easy for your clients to see when they can make an appointment with you. It also frees you up since they don’t have to call you. There are a lot of scheduling software to choose from and you need to choose one with text reminders.

Text reminders saves you a lot of money
Since every missed appointment means less paying clients, you will save a lot of money, or make more money if you see it that way. It never feels good to send a letter to a client with a bill to pay, if they didn’t make it to the appointment. The risk is also that they will never make an appointment with you again, which would be a disaster. Studies have shown that text reminders reduce the amount of no-shows by as much as 50 percent, but that depends on how forgetful your clients are. Hopefully they will be extra happy when seeing your message in their phones.

E-mail reminders as a supplement
Even if text reminders are very useful, most clients also appreciate to get an e-mail, for example 24 hours in advance. An e-mail gives you more space to write important information, such as where to park, or the code for getting into the building. Since a text message is restricted to 160 characters, it usually contains information about the time and date of the appointment, and who the client is meeting. An e-mail can contain an infinite amount of text, but don’t make it too long or the client won’t find what’s important.

You don’t have to move a finger – It’s fully automated
What would be the point of reminders if they weren’t automated? Then you could forget to send the reminders. The appointment scheduling software takes care of this. All you have to do is activate the text reminders feature, and you’re ready to go. When it’s time to send the appointment reminder, it will simply just be sent. No user interaction at all. But if you like to send the client some more info through text message, you can easily do this by clicking the client’s phone number, and type her a message.

I hope you now see all the benefits of automatic text reminders. This is just one of all the great things an online scheduler will do for you. Your clients will get happier. And with happier clients, you get more appointments. And we all know what more appointments mean. Yes, more money!

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