AWS has made quantum computing more accessible than ever

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its quantum computing development environment Amazon Braket has entered general availability.

The service acts as a testbed for quantum algorithms, allowing customers to build and troubleshoot their programs on simulated quantum computers that run on AWS resources.

Once fine-tuned, businesses can then use Amazon Braket to run algorithms on a selection of quantum hardware based on different technologies, from companies including D-Wave, IonQ and Rigetti.

In effect, Braket offers businesses a simpler and more viable route into the field of quantum computing, solving issues around hardware availability, infrastructure set-up and vendor management.

Amazon Braket

Quantum computing approaches computation in an entirely different manner to classical computing, harnessing the quantum mechanical principles of superposition and entanglement. Using this alternative method, quantum computers can far exceed the capabilities of traditional machines, in certain scenarios.

“Quantum computers use a different approach to problem-solving that exploits certain symmetries in a given problem,” Rashid Mansoor, CTO at UK supercomputing startup Hadean, told TechRadar Pro.

“On certain problems even a small quantum computer can be exponentially faster than all of the classical computing power on earth combined. Yet on other problems a quantum computer could be slower than a pocket calculator.”

According to AWS, Braket will give businesses a means of evaluating how quantum computing might support their future objectives, while building out the skill base necessary to capitalize on these opportunities.

By bringing multiple quantum computing technologies under a single roof, Braket also eliminates the need for companies to either engage multiple providers or commit to a single technology.

“As we see quantum computing technologies make more meaningful progress, thousands of customers are asking for ways to experiment with quantum computers to explore the technology’s potential and contribute to its development,” said Bill Vass, Vice President Technology at AWS.

“The cloud will be the main way that customers access quantum computers and combine those systems with high-performance classical computing for certain types of computationally-intensive research. Our goal for Amazon Braket is to be a catalyst for innovation across the quantum community.”

Amazon Braket is now available to customers in the following AWS regions (with more to follow): US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California) and US West.

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