Backblaze’s S3-compatible B2 Cloud Storage is 75% cheaper than AWS’s S3

Backblaze has moved its S3-compatible B2 Cloud Storage service to general availability. The new service is a whopping 75% cheaper than Amazon Web Services’ S3. In addition, the cloud storage company also offers an inexpensive cloud to cloud transfer service as well as a special cloud to cloud migration program under which Backblaze pays for all data transfers.  

Backblaze’s B2 Cloud Storage costs $0.005 per GB/month for all regions and the company charges $0.01 per GB for downloads.  

By contrast, Amazon’s S3 starts at $0.021 per GB/month for over 500TB of frequently accessed data. For clients that have both frequent and infrequent accessed data AWS offers infrequent access tier at $0.0125 per GB/month. Amazon also charges $0.05 per GB for downloads. It is noteworthy that costs of AWS’s S3 may vary from region to region.

Free cloud to cloud migration

Backblaze announced its Cloud to Cloud Migration program late in July. Under the terms of the program, Backblaze will pay the transfer costs for clients that plan to transfer their data from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage and store it for at least 12 months. Those who do not want to sign up for a year can transfer data from Amazon S3 to Backblaze B2 for $0.04 per GB. 

Backblaze released the beta version of its Backblaze S3-compatible APIs back in early May. The cloud storage company said that over 1,000 unique S3-compatible tools were used by customers to interact with its S3-compatible layer during the 90 days beta period. To that end, it is likely that by now all the bumps have been sorted. As it turns out, customers who were not afraid of the beta status are happy and the number of adopters is growing rapidly. 

“With Backblaze, we have a system for scaling infinitely,” said Gavin Wade, founder and CEO of CloudSpot. It lowers our breakeven customer volume while increasing our margins, so we can reinvest back into the business. My investors are happy. I’m happy. It feels incredible.”

Source: Backblaze (via Blocks and Files)

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