Bataleon Snowboards Announce New Bindings Range

Bataleon Snowboards have announced that they are to introduce a new range of snowboard bindings to their range. This announcement will be welcome news to snowboarding enthusiast as the brand is well-known for producing some of the most important snowboarding equipment over recent years. Bataleons Triple Base Technology is one of the most important technological advancements in snowboarding and all riders now base their opinions on Bataleons technology.

Bataleon Snowboarding is synonymous with producing cutting-edge technology so the anticipation for these newly developed bindings is extremely high. These bindings will be released in the new season at the SIA and ISPO so riders and snowboarding brands will have to wait a few months, but the feedback from Bataleon is that these switchback bindings are set to make the same impact as the brands other technology. There official announcements states that they will meet the snowboard binding market head on with a series of patented technology that will put question marks behind the way bindings have been designed up till now.

Bataleon Snowboards have taken snowboarding technology to the next level with the introduction of Triple Base Technology and these new switchback bindings are ready to deliver the same impact. The idea of these bindings is to offer the market a more flexible and enhanced rider experience with no restraints on specification decided by a brand. These new Bataleon Snowboarding bindings will be 100% customisable so that maximum performance and functionality can be achieved compared to standard bindings currently available.

Bataleon work closely with the dedicated, sponsored riders to bring new ideas and concepts to market. This belief has developed some of the most iconic technology to hit the slopes. Ideas that come from the slopes, rather than in an office has been the driving force for Bataleon Snowboards creators and is the future of how snowboarding is being developed. These Bataleon switchback bindings have been developed by riders for riders so we can expect a host of new design features that add to the performance on the slopes.

There are many brands that produce new snowboarding equipment and clothing but none of them have the influence that Bataleon have on the snowboarding world. Their ground breaking technology is the standard bearer for all snowboards and these new snowboard bindings look set to push the same boundaries and influence other brands in the development and design of snowboarding equipment. We all look forward to the new season and what can be achieved with this latest development from Bataleon.

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