Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Server For Your Website

Benefits of using Dedicated IP for your website Post - 24x7servermanagement

Dedicated IP Server, also known as the Dedicated Web Hosting service in which the user will get the unique and static IP address for their hosted website and application. 

This distinct IP address of the Dedicated Server will be exclusively reserved for a single client. Unlike Shared Hosting, it will not be shared with the other website users on the same web server. 

When it comes to hosting a website on a Dedicated Server, having a dedicated IP address will help to reap multiple benefits, which we will be going to discuss in the article.

Benefits of Using a Dedicated IP Server For Your Website

  1. Improved Email Deliverability Significantly

When you have to send emails to your customers, colleagues and suppliers, in such cases, having a dedicated IP addressee will improve the email deliverable. 

Thus, having a dedicated IP address is more beneficial than Shared Hosting, where shared IP addresses affect the sender of the reputation. 

  1. Provides Unmatched Security

A dedicated IP address offers unmatched security to your website. It is because it gives you complete control and exclusive rights over IP addresses that assess your Dedicated Server. 

Most importantly, it is highly beneficial when you have to secure critical and sensitive information as it comes with SSL certificates, which will help you in the transmission of data securely.

  1. Enhanced Performance of Your Hosted Websites

With the dedicated IP address, you will get exclusive rights to the hosting resources compared to Shared Hosting, where you have to share the resources with each website hosted on the server. So, these dedicated resources will ultimately improve the website loading speed and overall performance.

  1. Fulfills the Compliance Requirements

Some regulatory and compliance requirements, especially in industries like healthcare and finance, may mandate the use of a dedicated IP server to ensure data privacy and security. So, dedicated IP helps to meet standards and fulfil compliance requirements.

  1. Enhanced Control and Flexibility

With a dedicated IP server, you have more control and flexibility over server management, software installations, and server resources. This is particularly valuable for businesses with unique hosting needs or specific server requirements.

  1. Allows Custom Server Configuration

With a dedicated IP address, you will also leverage the benefits of customising the server configuration and setting. However, you can enjoy higher resource control and tailor your server according to your website’s unique needs.

  1. Enhanced SEO Ranking of Your Website

You might know that search engines like Google evaluate the website ranking by considering the reputation of your dedicated IP address.

In Shared Hosting, other actions can affect the reputation of the IP address completely, which affects the SEO ranking of all hosted websites. 

However, the dedicated IP address of your websites will save you from other actions and enhance ranking by considering the reputation of your IP address. 

Wrapping Up

When you buy Dedicated Hosting for your website, the most advantageous feature that comes with it is the dedicated IP address.

 It is because it offers several advantages, as mentioned above, which positively contribute to the security and performance of your hosted website. 

A secure and high-performing website ultimately gets a high search engine ranking, satisfied users and overall online success. 

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