Best budget gaming PC 2020: top gaming desktops for less

The best budget gaming PCs prove that getting a new, capable gaming computer isn’t heavy on the pocket as you might think. While some best gaming PCs may need you to take out a small loan, their budget counterparts can still deliver fantastic performance at more affordable – at times even surprisingly cheap – price points. That should ease the pocketbooks of the more budget-conscious buyers out there.

With all the latest internals unveiled or available on the market, like Intel Coffee Lake Refresh, AMD Ryzen 3nd Generation and AMD Navi, the best budget gaming PCs can boast powerful yet affordable components under the hood. They may sacrifice some bells and whistles that the more expensive gaming PCs have, but they’re still very capable of seeing you through the most demanding games.

Let’s dive into the best budget gaming PCs of 2020. We’ve compiled our top picks, and while we haven’t tested these machines ourselves, we’ve selected them based on our expertise, and we’re confident they’ll leave the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X in the dust. We’ll have you gaming in no time for not too much money.

HP Omen 25L

(Image credit: HP)

1. HP Omen 25L

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3500, 7 3700X or 9 3900 | Graphics: AMD Radeon RX 5500 – NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super | RAM: 16GB – 32B DDR4 | Storage: 256GB SSD – 1TB + 2TB + 2TB

Pretty cheap

Toolless access

Great cooling

Unimaginative design

The HP Omen 25L’s rectangular black metal design isn’t going to turn heads anytime soon. It’s at least offset by its glass panel, but only barely. However, if you’re not too concerned about looks, this is among the latest gaming PCs to hit the shelves in 2020 that won’t make a sizable dent in your bank account. With AMD configurations on hand, it’s perfect for AMD-leaning gamers. But, those that are loyal to Nvidia’s RTX line can partake as well, as you can configure it to have up to an RTX 2070 Super GPU. Still, it’s the price we can’t get over here – kitted out, the HP OMEN 25L costs as much as many of the premium gaming PCs in their mid-range configuration. Only, this one’s got more memory and a lot more storage capacity.

MSI Trident 3 9th

(Image credit: MSI)

2. MSI Trident 3 9th

CPU: up to 9th-generation Intel Core i7 | Graphics: up to Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 Super | RAM: up to 16GB | Storage: up to 1TB

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