Best Recruiting Software of 2022

If you’re looking for the best talent to fill several open positions, simple recruitment tools may not cut it. The most efficient way to find top talent quickly is to use a recruiting platform or full-scale HR software that can help your hiring team carry out candidate sourcing in less time and with less effort.

The best recruitment systems can improve your hiring experience through automation, saving your organization both time and money. These often offer the ability to post job openings across hundreds of job boards simultaneously and integrate social recruiting features and configurable candidate screening tools to help you find the right talent.

Our Top Picks for Best Recruiting Software

Best Recruiting Software Reviews

Why we chose it: We choose ZipRecruiter as the best recruitment software for recruitment marketing campaigns because it offers customizable campaign strategies for every budget, real-time assistance for recruiters through dedicated account managers, a traffic boost option for urgent and hard-to-fill jobs and access to an ample database with over 32 million resumes.

  • Send job postings to 100+ job boards with one click
  • Automatically scan resumes for the skills/experience you need
  • Customer support over phone, email or live chat
  • Month-to-month plans, no long-term commitments or contracts
  • No built-in applicant tracking system
  • No onboarding tools
  • Offers few integration features

ZipRecruiter is a top-rated employment marketplace and hiring platform. It allows you to post jobs on over 100 job boards at once and claims to actively reach over 10 million qualified candidates per week, a great option for those looking to scale quickly.

The marketplace uses artificial intelligence to match the best candidates to your job posts and send you recommendations similar to those you have liked in the past. Besides its campaign features, you can also send pre-written, personalized messages to job seekers and close job posts at any time (no pause feature available).

ZipRecruiter plans are customizable, so pricing will depend on the number of job ads you post, how many users you register, your industry and the job post target location. With the exception of the Elite, all plans allow you to post up to 1 job per location at a time. A four-day risk-free trial is available for those interested in finding out more.

Plan Features Integration Cost
Standard Smart dashboard, post to 100+ sites, AI candidate matching N/A $359/month
Premium Same as Standard plus access to over 32 million resumes N/A $479/month
Pro Same a Premium, plus traffic boost for urgent jobs ATS integration $779/month
Elite For companies with over 5,000 employees, post 50+ jobs simultaneously ATS integration Starting at $4,500/month

Why we chose it: JazzHR is an all-in-one talent management system that integrates candidate sourcing and tracking with offer management and automated onboarding features. Small and mid-sized businesses (including recruitment agencies) with under 500 employees will find JazzHR has everything they need.

  • Offer management and automated onboarding tools
  • Post to dozens of job boards with one click
  • Purchase traffic on a pay-per-click or pay-per-post model
  • Sync with email to send messages without logging into the platform
  • Made primarily for desktop, not mobile
  • Not the best option for larger companies (over 500 employees)

JazzHr offers end-to-end talent management support, from employer branding to onboarding. It allows you to post jobs to dozens of job boards simultaneously and includes all the automation you would expect from recruitment software — customizable workflows, trigger emails, personalized communications and feedback loops for collaborators.

JazzHR offers plans for every stage of business growth, provides referral program management, customizable recruiting and compliance reports and integration with a long list of HR tools for background checks, assessments, communications, HRIS, payroll and more.

If you’re looking to hire the right candidates quickly and don’t have time for resume parsing, Jazz HR gives you a quick view of candidate profiles, so you can get the full picture at a glance. The software also provides interview templates and guides to help you get a head start with the interview process.

Beyond these features, JazzHR also offers a variety of add-ons with which you can customize any plan, including candidate texting ($39/month), dedicated account managers ($119/month), all-access support ($49/month) and career-page customization ($39/month). JazzHR extends a 21-day free trial (no credit card needed) and a 20% discount for nonprofits.

Plan Features Integration Cost
Hero Unlimited users and three open jobs, only job opening and syndication (for small teams) Integrates with a variety of third-party HR technologies for assessments, background checks, HRIS, payroll and more $39/month on annual plan
Plus Unlimited users and unlimited open jobs, job posting and syndication, APS, interviews and assessments Same as above $239/month on annual plan
Pro Job posting and syndication, ATS, interviews and assessments, offers and signatures, reporting and compliance, all-access support Same as above $359/month on annual plan

Why we chose it: Greenhouse is our top recruitment software for onboarding new employees because of its robust post-interview features, including a dedicated resources hub, configurable email flows with next steps, feedback forms, integrations for signatures and countersignatures and customized information collection on documents.

  • Create a personalized welcome experience for new hires
  • Candidates can self-schedule interviews & record the correct pronunciation of their names
  • Access 1,000+ well-known and niche job boards
  • Integration with 360+ third-party applications
  • Can be expensive for growing companies
  • No pricing information on site, must request a demo

Greenhouse is an industry-leading hiring platform that offers recruiting and onboarding as separate products, with seamless integration between the two.

Those interested in Greenhouse’s recruitment software will find it includes common features such as role-specific automated tasks and reminders, collaboration tools for hiring teams, interview kits and scorecards, and custom compliance and process reports.

Greenhouse also allows applicants to self-schedule interviews and encourages them to record the correct pronunciation of their names before an interview — features few other competitors offer and that can greatly improve an applicant’s hiring experience.

As for integrations, Greenhouse is compatible with over 360 third-party apps, including ADP, BambooHR, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, Slack and DocuSign, among others. The company fails to provide any pricing information on its site and instead encourages interested parties to reach out for a demo.

Plan Features Integration Cost
Greenhouse Recruiting Access 1,000+ job boards, collaborate with hiring teams, get custom alerts and tasks, candidate relationship tracking, personalized reports Integrates with HRIS and onboarding, job distribution, sourcing, screening, productivity and collaboration, candidate experience and analytics tools Former customers say pricing can start at around $6k per year for 10-12 users but increases incrementally as you add new users
Greenhouse Onboarding Personalized welcome experience and email flows with next steps, automated administrative tasks, onboarding performance evaluations, resources hub, tools for paperwork completion Same as above N/A

Why we chose it: Zoho Recruit is an all-in-one human resources management software that caters specifically to staffing agencies and HR businesses. Some of its key features include time-off management, payroll integration, document management, onboarding, attendance tracking, shift scheduling and more.

  • Offers time-off management, payroll integration, shift scheduling and expense tracking
  • Create employee self-service portals and automate HR processes
  • Customized 360 performance management feature
  • Corporate learning management system for self-paced, hybrid courses
  • Ample features and tools make for a steep learning curve

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based HR software that aims to be a complete solution for staffing agencies, corporate human resources and temporary workforce agencies. It offers everything from candidate sourcing, applicant tracking and resume management to background screening, interviewing, onboarding and much more.

Like other companies on this list, it offers custom job pages, the ability to post multiple jobs at once, AI-powered semantic matching for key job description criteria, recruiting pipelines, automated workflows, pre-interview assessments, video interviews and more.

Unlike any other company, however, Zoho Recruit integrates a host of HR management functionalities that facilitate time-off management, payroll scheduling, invoice generation, performance management and learning management for HR teams. If you need only a few features or are looking for recruitment software with a shallow learning curve, look elsewhere.

Zoho Recruit’s plans are per user per month and billed annually. There is a 30-day free trial, no credit card needed, and a freemium version that offers an employee database and time off management for up to five users. All paid plans have a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Plan Features Integration Cost
Essential Onboarding, database and HR files management, time-off management, workflow management Zoho apps, social media, Phonebridge, storage, SMS, document signing, job boards, productivity and collaboration, email marketing, recruiting, background checks, video interviews and assessments $0.83/user/month on annual plan
Professional Adds shift scheduling and rotation, overtime calculation, IP and Geo tracking, billing and invoicing integration Same as above $1.66/user/month on annual plan
Premium Adds performance appraisals, advanced HR analytics, multi-rater reviews, skill set matrix (tracks skill proficiency), etc. Same as above $2.50/user/month on annual plan
Enterprise Adds employee query and course management features, etc. Same as above $4.16/user/month on annual plan
People Plus Offers payroll, expense and password management, among other features. Same as above $8/user/month on annual plan

Why we chose it: While Recruiterflow doesn’t offer as many features as Zoho Recruit, it has everything individual recruiters and small staffing agencies might need, including sourcing and pipeline management, automated features, integration with productivity tools, a full recruiting CRM and easy-to-read recruiting reports with visuals.

  • Candidate sourcing from LinkedIn, Github, AngelList and Xing
  • Visual hiring speed reports and sourcing distribution charts
  • Reach out to candidates directly from your inbox
  • Track when and how many times candidate opens the email
  • No mobile app
  • Few integrations

Recruiterflow offers all the necessary tools and automated features a small recruiting agency might need, including a chrome extension that lets you recruit right from your inbox, a careers page builder, and the ability to post jobs on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed ZipRecruiter and more.

Recruiterflow’s careers page is mobile-friendly, optimized for SEO and can integrate with Google analytics to improve marketing performance. As for pipeline management, it offers customizability, candidate tracking, collaboration features and automated transactional emails, among others.

More unique features include the ability to track when and how many times a candidate opens your email, application distribution charts and hiring speed reports with helpful visuals and candidate sourcing from sites such as AngelList, GitHub and Xing.

Recruiterflow plans for recruiting agencies feature unlimited job openings. There is also a 14-day trial and customer service available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Plan Features Integration Cost
Growth for Recruiting Agencies Unlimited job openings, complete CRM, custom fields, 7 campaigns or users, 24/5 email and chat support Google Workspace, Office 365, GitHub, and job boards like Indeed, ZipRecruiter and more $75/user/month billed annually OR $89/user/month billed monthly
Enterprise for Recruiting Agencies Same as Growth plan plus automation recipes, unlimited campaigns and API access Same as above $99/user/month billed annually OR $129/user/month billed monthly
Growth for Companies 5 active job openings, unlimited users, 24/5 email support, add more job slots for $20/month Same as above $99/month billed annually OR $119/month billed monthly
Scale for Companies 10 active job openings, unlimited users, 24/5 email support, add more job slots for $15/month Same as above $149/month billed annually OR $179/month billed monthly
Enterprise for Companies 20 active job openings, unlimited users, 24/5 email support, $12/month Same as above $249/month billed annually OR $299/month billed monthly

Why we chose it: Breezy HR offers one of the best freemium options out of any company on this list. Its Bootstrap plan includes all the basics for one position or talent pool, including a branded career site, the ability to post on 50+ job boards, resume parsing, multi-language support, plus compliance and automation features.

  • Automated background checks with accurate results in 1–2 days
  • Automated reference checking at any stage
  • Drag-and-drop pipeline and mobile-optimized workflows
  • Source reports tell you where candidates are applying for open roles
  • Posts to fewer job boards than other software
  • Few integration options

Breezy HR offers candidate management and sourcing, reporting and analytics, candidate email, SMS and scheduling, referral program management, the ability to create a custom career site, hiring team collaboration tools and all the same automated features as other options on this list.

Some of Breezy HR’s standout features include candidate interview self-scheduling, nurture campaigns so you can double your response rates from passive candidates, automated background checks and reference checking, access to external recruiters and an AI-assisted messenger that engages with visitors and feeds their details and resume into your candidate pool.

Like other companies on this list, it features a drag-and-drop pipeline interface and workflows that are optimized for mobile. And while it offers fewer integration options than similar companies, it does integrate with all the third-party applications you might need, from Google Workspace to Slack.

All Breezy HR plans can accommodate an unlimited number of candidates. And in addition to its free version, it also offers a full-feature 14-day trial with no credit card needed.

Plan Features Integration Cost
Bootstrap All the basics for one position or pool, branded career site, post on 50+ job boards, resume parsing and multi-language support, compliance and automation Integrates with assessment, background check, calendar, email, HRIS, productivity and single sign-on apps Free
Startup Background screening integrations, automated and customizable pipelines, questionnaires, reports, email and calendar integration, interview self-scheduling, video assessments, mobile apps, Slack integration, etc. Same as above $143/month
Growth Automated reference checking, customizable interview guides and scorecards, custom referral portal, e-signatures, messenger tool, multiple pipelines, permissions for external recruiters Same as above $249/month
Business Advanced questionnaires, assessment integration, candidate comparison, personalized email campaigns, custom permissions, offer management Same as above $399/month

Recruitment Software Guide

Recruitment software is a recruiting solution that can help companies save time and money when screening candidates for multiple job openings.

Below we break down how recruitment software works, some common features across software providers and what to look for when shopping for the best recruitment software.

How does recruitment software work?

Recruitment software can help you post job openings on the best job posting sites for employers, source candidates from the best job search sites and match you with qualified candidates that have the skills and experience you need.

In addition to helping you find the best talent for your hiring needs, recruitment software can also help you optimize your recruitment strategy through customized workflows and automated tasks such as messaging and screening.

Beyond candidate sourcing, tracking and interviewing, recruitment software may also provide tools to streamline offer management and onboarding processes. Some software even include HRIS and HRM features such as payroll scheduling and time-off management.

Most recruitment software require a monthly or annual subscription and provide customer support features and other extras — access to third-party recruiters, campaign managers, etc. Pricing can vary widely depending on the size of your organization, your industry and location and the features included in the plan.

There are great free recruitment options with limited features out there. If you want to reach the broadest pool of applicants, have a large or growing business or need more robust features, recruitment software can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

How to choose the right recruiting software

Look for recruitment software that meets the needs of your organization. For instance, a small business won’t require the same features as an enterprise with over 500 employees. Make a detailed assessment of your needs and proceed accordingly.

When shopping for software, you might want to look for the following:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Built-in features, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS)
  • Integration with third-party apps
  • Tech support availability

Read our guides on how to find employees and how to hire employees for more recruiting tips.

What is recruiting software?

Recruiting software helps businesses of all kinds and sizes optimize their recruitment efforts to fill vacant positions. The software is typically designed to help recruiters and hiring managers source candidates, parse resumes, vet applicants, schedule interviews and simplify the hiring process.

Why use recruitment software?

Recruitment software can improve your talent acquisition strategy and save you both time and money through streamlined workflows and automated tasks. It can also provide you with a centralized location from which to track and manage applicants through the different recruiting stages, from pre-screening and interviewing to onboarding.

How much does recruitment software cost?

Pricing for recruitment software can vary greatly depending on the size of your organization, your industry and location, and the features you need.

If you own a small business, there are free software options that offer limited job posts and resume parsing. For larger companies or those looking for more robust features and automation, a paid subscription could cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars a month.

How to choose recruiting software

To choose the right recruiting software, first determine the needs of your business. Do you simply need to source applicants or do you want help with onboarding and beyond? Do you need to hire for multiple positions or are you looking for specialized skills?

Once you’ve determined your needs, look for software options that provide the features you’re looking for while keeping within your budget.

How We Chose the Best Recruitment Software

To find the best recruitment software, we evaluated providers based on the following criteria:

  • Features – Beyond sourcing candidates, recruitment software should help you automate tasks and streamline your recruitment processes, from sourcing to interviewing. Some software also help beyond recruitment by providing onboarding and HR management tools. We prioritized software providers offering comprehensive or standout features for different hiring needs.
  • Integration – Depending on the business you run, integration with apps you use on a daily basis might be more than a simple convenience. We gave precedence to software providers offering integration with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365, among others.
  • Pricing – Pricing for recruitment software varies depending on factors such as the size and nature of your business, your location and business needs. Our list compiles pricing options for every budget, from freemium to enterprise tiers.

Summary of Money’s Best Recruiting Software of 2022