Best RPGs 2020: the top role-playing games for console and PC

Looking for the best RPGs (or role-playing games) around? Then you’ve come to the right place.

These days it’s more often than not that a game features RPG elements. Whether that’s a skill tree, dialogue options, or anything else that was once a staple of the genre, there’s always something for players to tweak and customize in everything from online shooters to sports titles.

That’s not to say that the genre has been neglected, though. In fact, the last couple of years alone have treated us to some sensational RPGs across all platforms – from monster-catching to monster hunting, spiritual successors to full-blown remakes, and vast open worlds you can take with you wherever you go.

If you’re longing to level up, dying for a dice roll, or simply want to swing a sizeable sword around, then here are the best RPGs you can find across PC and console.

Best RPGs 2020: the top role-playing games for console and PC

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It may be nearly a decade old, but Skyrim remains one of the most vital RPGs out there – primarily because of its incredible mod scene on PC. If you played this game back in 2011 and put it to bed, give it another go with some of the graphics and immersion mods. It’s like playing Skyrim 1.5.

Bethesda has also released The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition, which includes all of the add-ons that have been released, along with some graphical overhauls. If you have a VR headset, then you can also get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR for PC and PS4, which gives you an even more immersive experience.

If you’ve not played it all, where have you been? This open-world fantasy epic makes it possible to spend hundreds of satisfying hours without even tackling the main story. Few games craft as rich a world as this, and there’s enough content to play the game as a whole bunch of different characters without feeling like you’re being funnelled into a single “hero” mould.

We won’t spoil the main storyline, but let’s just say it features more dragons than Game of Thrones, and you even get to wield some dragon power yourself. 

Platforms available: Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch

Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium

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One of 2019’s finest titles, and one of the most recent on this list, Disco Elysium is a dialogue-driven RPG set in a sizable, dystopian city.

Eschewing combat entirely, problems are instead solved with the use of the protagonist using the ‘Thought Cabinet’, a manifestation of dialogue choices and thematic decisions that permeate every aspect and decision made throughout the story.

It’s a risky decision, but one that pays off in no small part due to personable, politically ambiguous writing that is almost entirely player-driven. It’s a must-play for PC players and is coming to console this year.

Platforms available: PC (coming to console in 2020)

Fallout 4

Best RPGs 2020: the top role-playing games for console and PC

(Image credit: Bethesda)

If you want an RPG but have had quite enough of all the swords and sorcery nonsense, Fallout 4 needs to be on your to-buy list. As any Fallout fan will know, the game is set in a nuclear apocalypse, where every puddle of water pumps radiation into your skin and even the cockroaches are deadly.

Well, if you’re rubbish at the game anyway.

This time around, you wake up from cryostasis in one of the bunker Vaults to find your spouse killed and your son kidnapped. You have to find him, even though he was taken 20 years before you wake up.

Throw in some great quest writing and the ability to design your own little towns, and you have a bit of a role-playing winner. As with Skyrim, there is also Fallout 4 VR for people who have a virtual reality headset.

Platforms available: PS4, Xbox One and PC

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Best RPGs 2020: the top role-playing games for console and PC

(Image credit: GameMaker Studio)

It took about five minutes post-release for Undertale to be called a cult classic. It’s a story-driven role-player with a JPRG edge, but how it approaches its battles and its work is quite different from the norm.

In Undertale, combat can be non-violent. It’s what you want most of the time, because you’ll feel awful for hurting the game’s ‘enemies’.

Even how you fight isn’t normal. Fights take place as a bullet hell arcade-style game that plays out as your character and the enemy talk. It’s an RPG that prods your emotions. It might even make you cry.

Platforms available: Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC

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