Beware, AMD: Chinese developer unveils new 64-core CPU for 8-processor servers

Phytium, a CPU designer from China, has announced a new processor designed for servers with up to eight CPUs. The new Tengyun S2500 chip uses 64 custom ARMv8 cores and has a number of other innovations to improve its performance and resiliency compared to predecessors. 

The new Phytium Tengyun S2500 packs 64 FTC663 cores running at 2GHz – 2.2GHz and based on the company’s latest ARMv8 microarchitecture featuring a four-issue out-of-order pipeline, revamped INT and FP units as well as a new dynamic branch predictor. The cores support Phytiuym’s ASIMD instructions, hardware-assisted virtualization as well as proprietary and China-specific security and encryption capabilities.  

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