Blogging Uncovered – 3 Crushing Blogging Secrets For Making Loads of Cash

What contributes to the huge popularity of blogs is their ability to communicate instantly across the world. There have been instances when news stories on current events were carried on blogs much before the press could even put their words together. The three magnetic blogging secrets discussed below will help you understand the functionality of blogs.

1. Submitting your blog to Google

Google is the most powerful search engine and therefore it is necessary that your blog figures in Google searches. You should therefore create a Google account and submit a site map to Google. Google in turn will index your pages faster and show up in the search results faster than in the absence of a site map. Having a proper sitemap of your blog for Google is among the major blogging secrets.

2. Link Exchange

On the internet highway, there are millions of blogs. Some of them are termed as authority blogs because they have great content in the chosen niche and people flock to them. When you exchange links with such authority sites, it enhances the credibility of your own blog and results in higher traffic.

3. Tracking

After putting together a beautiful blog and adding valuable content, you should also be tracking the blog. You should know who visited your blog, where they originated from and more importantly the key words they employed. When this type of tracking is done, you will gain deeper understanding of how your blog functions against different keywords and means of improving the performance if that is called for. Integrate these blogging secrets and enjoy the difference.

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