Can You Fax From a Computer Without a Fax Machine?

Are you wondering if it is possible to fax from your computer without the need of a fax machine? If so you will find the answer in this article. Faxing has become a great communication tool for businesses and individuals. Before in order to fax you needed a fax machine, ink, paper, an extra phone line and lots of patience. Paper jams, running out of ink and busy signals where all annoying to those who had to send faxes urgently. However with recent advances in technology you no longer need a fax machine to send and receive faxes because it can all be done online with internet fax services.

Internet faxing services allow you to turn your computer into a virtual fax machine. You don’t need a modem or any type of extra hardware and you don’t have to install an extra phone line or complicated wiring. It is simple, fast and very affordable.

Faxes are sent and received on your computer via your online faxing account. This account can be integrated with your web mail (such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN etc.) and some services even offer a great feature that lets you fax from your cellphone. You can receive faxes from anywhere in the world, if someone sends you a fax from another fax machine you will receive it online from where you can view it and see if it needs to be printed out or deleted. This saves you money because you waste less ink and paper and there are no more paper jams or busy signals.

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