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Computer Cases

Choosing your computer case is the first major step in your parts selection process for building your desktop. When choosing your case there are many factors to take into account.

Some of the factors are solely aesthetic, while on the opposite end of the spectrum some of the determining factors of the case are purely functional.

Lets start with the functional properties. It is easier to match aesthetics to function than to match the function to the aesthetics.

The first factor to analyze when deciding on a case is the size and orientation of the case. Computer cases come in many shapes and sizes: they range from:

* Mid-tower cases
* Full-tower computer casing
* All-in-one units

Computer Case & Casing Functionality

The major differentiation factor of computer tower casing is the size of the case which determines the availability of expansion room within the computer.

Obviously, the larger the case the more room will be available for additional hardware upgrades in the future.

Many tower cases, whether they are full tower or mid tower computer cases, have easily accessible

* USB ports, a
* Headphone jack, and a
* Microphone jack installed into the front of the case.

Some are located towards the bottom of the case, but some are located in the middle of the case or closer to the top of the case. Based on where the CPU will be stored in location to the operator of the computer will determine which option is best for you to choose from.

If you have trouble bending over but want your CPU to sit under your computer desk it might be wise to choose a mid-tower or full tower computer case that has the front ports located farther towards the top than to choose a tower case that has them located at the base of the case.

Casing Aesthetics

After you have decided on the layout of your computer case, as far as the functionality aspects, the next step is to look at the aesthetics or the way the computer looks from the outside.

Today’s custom computer cases have so many visual differences that there is potential to create as many computer tower cases as there are people in the world.

When you are determining how you want your case to look, keep in mind:

* Light displays,
* ‘Chrome’ plating,
* Color of the case itself, and
* Whether or not you want to be able to view the inside of the case from any angle, if at all.

LED light displays are very common in tower casing and come in a variety of colors. They are most commonly available in blue, green, or red, but they can also be found in purple, yellow, and orange. However, it is much more difficult to find LED displays for computer cases in those colors so it may increase expenditure. If that is not a factor then feel free to browse away at the less commonly found colors.

Many computer cases come in black by default. They are available in many other colors, but the black case is the easiest color to fit into any motif of any room that a computer may be located in. There are also options available to get an entirely clear case where the inside of the computer is visible from 360 degrees. Cases come in a plethora of blues, greens, reds, golds/yellows, and silvers. If there is a certain color case you want, it is very likely that one is available that meets the specifications you are looking for.

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