Computer Getting Slow? How to Fix a Slow Computer!

Is your once mighty stead of a computer getting slow? I know it is frustrating and mystifying. I mean, all the parts of the computer are the same as when you bought it, so why is the computer getting slow? And how do you fix a slow computer?

  • Why is the computer getting slow?
  • There can be a number of reasons your computer’s getting slow, but I would check the following first.
  • Is there enough memory?
  • Is your computer free from spyware?
  • Is your computer’s registry clean and error free?

How to fix a slow computer.

  • Memory: If it is the memory is the cause of your computer getting slow, you will need to buy more memory and add it to your system. You should check with your computer’s manufacturer as to what type of memory you should install. If your PC is less than a year old you should have enough memory and I would not worry about more unless you are a heavy gamer.
  • Spyware: Spyware could be the cause of your computer getting slow. Spyware is software that has been installed on your computer from websites you have visited. This software monitors where you go on the web and sends that data to advertisers so they can target the advertising you receive on your PC. The problem is that this can slow down your PC. If you don’t have spyware protection you should get some now and use it to clean your PC form spyware.
  • The Computer Registry: This is often the most overlooked cause of your computer getting slow. The registry is a data base on your computer that keeps track of all of the software setting and hardware settings. As you install and remove software from your PC it is all tracked in the registry. As you or your software changes the settings in the registry often it leaves behind obsolete settings and becomes corrupted. Since the registry regulates the operation of your PC you it can be the cause of your computer getting slow.

Registry Fix

Be careful with your registry, one mistake and your computer my stop all together-for good. Either go to a repair shop or purchase excellent registry software. To be honest good registry software is what they will run on your PC at the repair shop so if you buy it yourself and run it you will save yourself big bucks.

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