Death Stranding on PC is delayed to July due to Covid-19 disruption

Death Stranding was supposed to come out on PC in just over a month, on June 2, but it has now been delayed until July due to disruption caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

The new release date for Death Stranding is July 14, as announced by Kojima Productions on Twitter.

As the tweet observes, the reason is that the developers need a bit more time due to having to work from home, as many folks are these days given the various coronavirus lockdowns across the globe.

So we now have just under two months to wait for the release of Death Stranding outside of the console world, but as is always the case, we’d rather a port was done right, than done earlier. And more to the point, we’d rather that everyone making the port did so safely, rather than taking any risks with Covid-19.

PC benefits

Death Stranding promises some nifty bonuses for PC players, including support for ultrawide monitors – which is looking tasty as we’ve seen – along with a neat Photo Mode, and some Half-Life bonus content (headcrabs ahoy). Naturally, PC gamers will also be able to benefit from higher frame-rates (depending on their exact hardware configuration, of course).

Death Stranding will come out on Steam and the Epic Games Store simultaneously on the new release date of July 14. The game emerged on PS4 in November 2019 to a generally positive reception, although there was some dissent among the reviews – we were seriously impressed, though.

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