Disadvantages of Computer Visualizations

Performance might be slower than actual physical devices

When virtualized, there can be some logical hardware which might not give as much as performance as their physical counterparts do. This is especially true in virtualized servers. Since, the servers has to run VMMs and do their management, there will be a drop of overall performance of the system. Even virtualized disk-related processes can be relatively slower at peek hours.

Hardware compatibility issues

Sometimes, hardware specific device drivers and applications may have compatibility issues with VMMs. This is a result of using software products to emulate physical hardware. The organization must check the compatibility of current with the recommended virtualization environments. For example, VMWare virtual machines do not support FireWire. Also there have been few known issues with USB 2.0 and 3D hardware acceleration.

May not support some protocols

It is necessary to make sure that the virtualized environment will have the ability to support current protocols used in the organization. This is especially relevant to LANs and storage virtualization.

May have future threats

VMs are generally safe for experiments, since they can be put on their own sandbox environments. However, still there are some rootkits which can be used to penetrate even that level of security. Rootkits are software programmes which have the ability to run above the OS’s and file system’s access level. They are very successful at staying undetected since they can conceal their own running process. There have been several technologies discovered in the recent past which has the ability to exploit the new features of Intel Vanderpool and AMD Pacifica chips.

IT is one of the fastest changing industries in the world. As a result many companies are coming up everyday. Each company will have a different type of solution and the customers always want fast and efficient solutions at reasonable prices. Thus, IT organizations must adopt latest, yet most efficient and economical technologies for their requirements.

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