Engineering Technician Jobs – Are You Interested in a Career As an Engineering Technician?

Engineering technicians are responsible for applying scientific and engineering theory to various technical problems in research and development areas, in order to create solutions to problems. These professionals will usually assist more experienced engineers and scientists in research and development work, conducting tests and collecting data.

Engineering technicians we usually help set up equipment and conduct the basics of experiments, recording results on data and performing statistical analysis. Most will specialize in a particular field, which they will share with the engineer that they are working under, such as in the field of aerospace technology.

Aerospace technicians are responsible for maintaining aircraft and other air space vehicles, while civil technicians are responsible for helping civil engineers planned highways, bridges, and buildings that are for the public use.

Electronics engineering technicians will help manufacture electrical equipment and radar among other communications and computing equipment, usually working in product testing. Environmental technicians will work with environmental scientists in order to help prevent and correct environmental hazards, while industrial engineering technicians will prepare machinery layouts and plan how to improve production time and production quality.

Mechanical technicians are responsible for manufacturing and industrial machinery, planning layouts and testing the integrity of various models of products, such as automobiles.

Most of these employees will work on site alongside a more experienced engineer, with a 40 hour workweek, with varying degrees of work strain and work hazards. They will typically have an associate’s degree in their chosen specialty of work, which they will usually acquire from a community college.

In 2006, engineering technicians had over 500,000 jobs in America, with electrical technicians making up about 170,000 careers of the total number. Almost a third of these professionals worked in the manufacturing industries, and another 25% work in scientific Industries. The Federal government employs about 37,000 technicians, with state and local governments employing about 50,000.

Over the next decade, engineering technician jobs should have a fairly slow rate of growth as outsourcing has affected their employment levels. In 2006, electrical technicians in the middle 50th percentile of earnings made between $39,270 and $60,470, with those working as civil technicians making between $31,310 and $51,230.

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