How Laptop Security Software Can Protect You From Computer Identity Theft

Computer identity theft is increasingly common.

Computer identity theft is what happens if someone gets access to your personal information, such as your social security number, credit card number, driver’s license number and passports without your knowledge by accessing the information on your computer. Often this information is from your laptop computer that has been stolen.

How common is it for laptop computers to be stolen?

It is estimated that more than 500,000 laptops are stolen annually in the United States alone and the number continues to rise. This is a staggering amount of laptops that are on the streets and in the hands of people that may want to steal your personal information. Stolen laptop computers are a very common event which is why the police find it difficult to have the time to assist with the recovery of the laptop let alone deal with the criminal access of your personal information. Laptop security software is a common sense practical solution to prevent computer identity theft.

How secure is the information your laptop computer?

Your laptop is usually your link to the cyber world. It connects you to many business and social networking sites as well as allowing you to order items online. It is now normal to send private information across the internet. It has become a normal part of the world that we live in. What would happen if your laptop was stolen? You may not only lose personal and commercial information stored on your computer, but also the thief would have access to your personal identification details which could mean that the thief could steal your identity. Thieves use this information to carry out illegal transactions purporting to be made by you. Preventing this occurring can save you a lot of money, time and inconvenience.

Top 10 reasons for using laptop security software for protection from computer identity theft.

1. The number of laptops being stolen along is constantly increasing and the chance that your laptop computer will be stolen is constantly rising.

2. Laptop security software helps prevent you from being the victim of computer identity theft.

3. It helps you protect your personal information and keep it secure even in the event of computer theft as you can remotely retrieve files from your laptop and delete them.

4. When you remotely delete files they are deleted to a high forensic standard that prevents them being recovered by computer hackers thereby not only protecting your personal information, but also commercially sensitive information.

5. With one remote command you can render the stolen laptop unusable if you wish.

6. It allows you to access files on the stolen computer without the thief being aware that it is occurring. The laptop security software can record all activity that occurs thereby allowing you to backtrack any unauthorized activity that occurs.

7. Provided you purchase the best laptop security software it allows you to geo locate the stolen laptop to within 60 feet of its location to assist with recovery.

8. If you have valuable business information on your laptop computer laptop security software is a cheap method of insurance.

9. If you are a professional or business person your laptop computer may not only have business information in its files, but confidential personal information of your clients that could be accessed and misused.

10. Protecting yourself from being sued for negligence for not taking reasonable risk management steps to your protect clients’ personal information from identity theft is a clear benefit.

What you want from laptop computer software:

The following features and benefits of laptop computer software are essential:

* Invisible internet access to your stolen laptop.
* The ability to remotely access your files on your stolen computer from another computer to delete the files or retrieve them and then delete them.
* To have a Geo locate feature which you can use to locate where your laptop is which allows you to alert the authorities to recover your stolen property.
* Monitor and record what the thief is doing because this not only helps law enforcement officials recover your stolen computer, but also allows you to undo any damage they may have already been done.
* To render your stolen laptop unusable remotely once you realize that it has been stolen.

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