How to create a logo?

Because people perceive visual information more effectively, sometimes a company logo can tell you more about a company than an introductory article on the home page.

The average American already sees more than 16,000 ads every day! Oddly enough, we’re following the same path. Look at how many companies you see every day and each one has its own logo, a distinctive mark that can identify that company and tell you what it does.

To create a logo, there are a few different things to consider, and read how to do it in our article on Turbologo!

What is a logo?

The right logo is part of a company’s brand, which increases the firm’s recognition in the eyes of customers and conveys the values of that company. A logo is meant to briefly and succinctly indicate to customers what this company is about: what services it provides, what goods it produces.

However, a cool logo is not the goal, far more important is the quality of the product. But a low-quality logo can spoil the customers’ impression of the company. So learn right now how to make a proper company logo.

How to create a company logo?

  • Draw it yourself

Having learned the classifications of logos by style, shape, and having considered the logos of famous brands, you can easily understand how you see your company’s logo.

So draw what you think will be most appropriate for your logo, use the appropriate font, color, image, shape, look. Once you’ve drawn your logo, you’ll see if it’s cluttered with unnecessary details and tweak it.

  • Order from a freelancer

If you have absolutely no ideas, then order the order on the freelance logo design. To do this you should place a task on the freelance logo design, write all your wishes, tell about the company, its activities. How clearly you draw up the terms of reference will depend on the success of this entire event.

When selecting the executor of your task, do not forget to ask whether the performer has similar experience, and whether he can demonstrate the logos in the development of which he was involved. Next, agree on a timeline, and monitor the task.

But this method is fraught with disadvantages such as failure to meet the deadline, in addition, the rare designer can get into the subject with its development. And also you will need to constantly monitor the freelancer, because freelancers are essentially – free artists and can sometimes not calculate their deadlines for delivery of the project.

  • Order from a design studio

This is an expensive and time-consuming process that can drag on for months. The principle of working with a design studio is the same as with a freelancer – you draw up the terms of reference and start work, only the manager of the company will manage the project, he will also monitor the performer.

  • Use online generators

Today there are special programs that create a huge number of logos by shape, style, color, by industry and field of activity. You only need to choose the necessary elements and make them, and the program itself will do all the work for you. What kind of programs are these? For example, Turbologo.

This program can work for free, for a fee and conditionally free. Therefore, if you need a high quality logo, it is better to choose a paid version. In any case, it will be cheaper for you than working with a design studio.

  • Use graphics programs: Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, Photoshop

If you are a confident user of graphic programs and do not like to draw by hand, then of course, use the programs to immediately create the desired design.

So, using the suggested tips on how to create a logo, you will be able to do the job yourself and save a lot of money and time.


Create a logo – the task is not difficult, yet it requires you to have certain skills and careful study of all the components. If you doubt your own abilities, there are many other tools available today that can help you get a great logo. For example, by designing an emblem in the Logoturbo logo generator. Welcome to Logoturbo.

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