How to Make Her Orgasm – 3 Words That Will Change Everything!

In this article, I’m going to teach you 3 words that will give your girl earth-shattering orgasms in seconds. Skeptical? Good! Put it to the test and see for yourself, because these 3 words WORK. It’s a bit of a covert method, and many women would not approve if they knew you were “using” this on them – until you start giving them mind-blowing orgasms on a regular basis.

Although the method/technique behind these 3 words is on the covert side, it is very simple, and once you know it, you’ll scratch your head wondering why you never thought of it before! Most men will never know about this, and while that’s sad, it’s good news for you, because once you’re armed with these 3 words, you’ll stand out among other men like a virtual sex-machine!

…ready for the 3 words? Here they are:

Make Her Mad

That’s right – make her mad. Let me explain. You see, the key to making women hot lies in their emotions. Put another way, whether or not she has an orgasm depends completely on her mood – whether she’ll orgasm in seconds – or in 20 minutes, is completely subject to her emotional state.

The one emotion responsible for more mind-blowing sex than any other emotion is anger. Have you ever had an argument with your girl, followed by make-up sex? Whether you have or not, everyone knows that make-up sex is amazing, mindblowing – earth-shattering. Why? Because of all the anger being released through sex.

Armed with this knowledge you can have sex that matches, or even surpasses the hotness of make-up sex, anytime you want!

How? Pay attention to when she is mad about something. If she is not the type to get upset, use the covert way to make her mad – start a conversation that you know pushes her buttons – go for the subjects that you know upset her, or get her fiery. If you’re brave, even get her angry – go all the way.

Once she is all wound up with irritation/anger, apologize (if you made her mad because of something personal), or if not, gently segue into talking about her – tell her how beautiful/sexy/hot she is. And by the way – we women respond to compliments almost always! Once you’ve got her warmed up, kiss her, and from there she’ll be like an unleashed lion – ready to have incredible sex, with quick orgasms ripe for the picking.

This method, if followed like I just explained, works – every time. My significant other “manipulated” me several times using this knowledge before I caught on. And guess what – when I did catch on, I wasn’t mad at all. As a matter of fact, these days, we purposely get each other egged about just about anything, all in the name of having mindblowing sex.

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