Intel Evo could be a revolutionary new lineup of processors

Intel has some new logos for its processors, or at least there are some trademark filings for them, and a new brand has popped up among these – a certain Intel Evo range, which could, theoretically, be Alder Lake (12th-gen) desktop CPUs.

This was spotted by PC Gamer, with the new Intel logos appearing on the Justia Trademarks database, and prolific leaker @momomo_us highlighting the Intel Evo logo on Twitter.

As you can see, the logo is ‘Intel Evo powered by Core’, referring to Intel’s existing Core range.

So the theory, then, as floated by PC Gamer, is that Evo could be the name for Intel’s incoming Alder Lake CPUs, which are rumored to be a radical change compared to existing silicon.

Speculation has it – and remember, this still isn’t confirmed – that 12th-gen Alder Lake (the generation following the next-gen, which will be Rocket Lake) will switch to a system of big and small cores, essentially the former being Intel’s normal CPU cores, and the latter being low-power affairs which are way more efficient.

A name change would make sense for such a big architectural move, and the fact that Evo is ‘powered by Core’ again fits – the big cores are standard Core affairs, and are still present alongside the little ones. (There’s still lots of debate about what this will mean for desktop processors – whereas there are clear advantages to low-power cores in laptop scenarios, given battery longevity, it’s not so obvious what this brings to the desktop arena.)

The logo also features big and little squares (black and grey colored respectively), which again could be another hint of a big.LITTLE-style architecture.

Pushing the boundaries

At any rate, we’re getting rather ahead of ourselves here. Everything around Alder Lake remains speculation, and this Evo theorizing is even more speculative, pushing the rumor boundaries for sure – but nonetheless, the pieces seem to fit in an intriguingly tidy manner.

As for the new Intel logos for existing products, the company is apparently abandoning the ringed Intel logo for a square version which is more streamlined and plainer (more boring, some might argue, but very much in keeping with a lot of contemporary design philosophy).

Personally, we’re not hugely keen, but of course this is a subjective matter. The chip giant also has a new ‘Intel Inside’ logo on the boil, too, but all of this assumes that these trademarked efforts will actually be used by the company, which still remains to be seen.

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