Is Competition Necessary for the Growth of an Individual or an Organisation?

Today, we are living in the world of competition. Everybody feels stress due to the competition in education, sports, business etc. Competition simply means one person succeeds only if the others fail.

Some people think that without competition one becomes lazy and loses motivation, ultimately causing failure. So competition not only builds character but also produces excellence. It can motivate us to work harder and do better in order to achieve success, we therefore feel happy when we win the competition. But at the same time we also become selfish and self-centered to maintain that success. In the long run, the competition distracts us from our ultimate goals in life.

Competition makes the children anxious that interferes with their concentration. When children`s main focus is reward the become less interested in what they are doing. To achieve the rewards, sometimes the child follows the wrong means like cheating. So it is like a catalyst for the moral decline of any individual.

Children feel better if the classrooms and playing fields are based on cooperation. By doing so, they can share their talents and resources. Co-operation helps them to gain relationships in the terms of having good friends. For the growth of any organisation co-operation is an important factor. Most of the works in an organisation are in done as a team. If all workers share their knowledge, skill and talent in the joint effort, it will make the organisation successful. Success is the ability of turning your dreams and ambitions into reality. It can only be achieved if there is healthy completion.

There is a stiff competition nowadays in every field. But there is a flipside to every coin, so along with pros there are some cons are attached to completion also. Sometimes people feel completely shattered due to failure and do not take it in a right spirit. They lose their confidence forever Furthermore the excessive pressure from parents to win may cause stress. Moreover children start using wrong means.

In the nutshell, competition is necessary as a motivator to do something. Competition is a self-centred path for success. We can succeed in the long run only if we are the part of success of the others, and not obstacles. It develops sportsman’s spirit and induces in us a spirit to fight and win. In addition to it we learn to focus on our goal, accept challenges digest disappointment. So it is desired to be right from the childhood.

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