JEDEC finalizes DDR5 standard: Terabyte-sized DDR5-6400 modules incoming

JEDEC has published the final JESD79-5 DDR5 memory standard that addresses DRAM requirements of client and server systems that will serve in the coming years. The new type of memory significantly increases performance, improves efficiency, quadruples maximum memory capacity per device, lowers power consumption, and improves reliability. 

“With several new performance, reliability and power saving modes implemented in its design, DDR5 is ready to support and enable next-generation technologies,” said Desi Rhoden, Chairman JC-42 Memory Committee and Executive VP Montage Technology. 

“The tremendous dedication and effort on the part of more than 150 JEDEC member companies worldwide has resulted in a standard that addresses all aspects of the industry, including system requirements, manufacturing processes, circuit design, and simulation tools and test, greatly enhancing developers’ abilities to innovate and advance a wide range of technological applications.” 

(Image credit: Micron)

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