Just checking in: how managers can keep remote teams together in a lockdown

The global pandemic has caused a monumental and abrupt shift towards home working for millions of employees.

For managers dealing with a dispersed team (potentially the first time), there are five key pointers to keep in mind when using digital communications to keep the team together when they’re physically and geographically spread apart. 

Check in with staff – but not too often

Keep in touch with staff and show them that you care about the difficult situation many of them will find themselves in working from home – potentially with other family members as welcome/unwelcome distractions, and potentially without the workspace or equipment to get things done as efficiently as usual.

Endless email and Zoom meetings will overwhelm people, but managers can check in occasionally to see if there is anything staff need (e.g. offering a monitor if the laptop screen is too small or clear instructions about how to access online resources and corporate networks).

Respect the need for work-home boundaries

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