MacBook deals: the latest MacBook Air is now $899 – it’s lowest price ever

MacBook deals alert – B&H has just lowered their price on the newest 2020 MacBook Air to just $899 (was $999), while also offering a wide range of other Apple sales. 

Not only has B&H Photo has also offered the lowest price ever on the newest 2020 MacBook Air this week, but they’re also offering a great MacBook deal on a 2019 MacBook Air 13 for just $929 (was $1,099). This is a fantastic opportunity to score a truly sleek, powerful, and stylish Core i5 equipped Apple laptop for well under a grand.

For those power users out there, we’ve also found a great little deal on a 2019 MacBook Pro for $1199 (was $1299) at Best Buy. If you need a little bit more power, but still don’t want to break the bank, look no further than this great Apple sale.

These Macbook deals feature the latest Retina Displays, 128 to 256 GB capacity solid-state drives, and the latest Core i3 and i5 processors. These are serious contenders for anyone working from home, designing, or streaming away the lockdown boredom – and all feature some hefty savings to boot.

MacBook deals: The lowest prices this week

MacBook deals: the latest MacBook Air is now 9 – it’s lowest price ever

Apple MacBook Air 13 (early 2020)| $999 $899.99 at B&H Photo
Save $100
on the very latest MacBook Air from Apple, now at it’s lowest ever price at B&H Photo. With this new MacBook Air, we’re getting an upgraded 256GB capacity SSD and a brand new 10th Gen Intel Core i3 processor. While slightly slower than the above 2019 MacBook, that extra capacity is a welcome addition, especially if you’re looking to store all those high definition movies and TV shows.
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MacBook deals: the latest MacBook Air is now 9 – it’s lowest price ever

Apple MacBook Air 13 (mid 2019)| $1,099 $929 at B&H Photo
Save $170
and get one of this week’s most blazing MacBook deals on this 2019 Macbook Air at B&H Photo. Featuring a 1.6 GHz, 8th Gen Intel Core i5 processor and gorgeous 13-inch Retina Display, this MacBook looks good, runs fast, and is easy on the wallet. This particular deal is for a slightly older model and while it sacrifices some storage space (128GB vs 256GB), it features a speedier processor and that same beautiful display.
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MacBook deals: the latest MacBook Air is now 9 – it’s lowest price ever

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2019)| $1,299 $1,199 at Best Buy
Save $100
and splash out on this fully equipped and powerful MacBook Pro at Best Buy this week. With a brilliant 13-inch Retina Display, Core i5 processor, and Touch Bar controls, this machine is a productivity workhorse – sure to handle all but the most intensive work, design and streaming tasks.
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MacBook deals: Which one is right for you?

There’s a lot on offer here with these MacBook deals and you may be wondering which one will best suit your needs. We’ll quickly break down what we think you need to know right now, comparing these excellent Macbook deals. 

Our first featured Apple sale – on the excellent 2019 MacBook Air is our call on the best deal for most users. While you’re sacrificing the 256GB SSD featured on the 2020 model, you’re getting a speedier processor and that same beautiful 13-inch Retina Display. That little extra speed (and the same amount of RAM) will give you the slight edge when it comes to those intensive applications – perfect if you’re looking for a working from home machine. Thanks to Apple’s excellent software updates, you’ll also still have access to all the latest iOS features for a long, long time. 

The 2020 MacBook Air that we’ve also featured this week is another great deal that will serve most users well. While it’s a little weaker in the processor department (featuring a Core i3 vs Core i5) it’s got a much larger capacity solid-state drive. While it’s subjective, based on whether you value raw speed or drive space, we’d recommend this one for those of you who plan to store loads of high-definition movies and shows in your MacBook.

The last of our featured Apple deals is on a powerful 2019 MacBook Pro 13. We’d recommend this for the power users – those of you who are going to be working from home or using intensive design applications. Even with a $100 saving, this is a big purchase for most users. If you’re planning on just using your MacBook for just streaming or browsing, you may be better suited with our other Apple deals. If you need that extra horsepower though, or money’s no object – then this Macbook Pro deal will serve you well.

MacBook deals: the best prices in your region

Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air with…

Apple 13.3″ MacBook Air with…

Apple Apple 13″ MacBook Pro…

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If you’d like to see the whole range, then head on over to our best MacBook deals page, where we’re searching high and low to compare all the best retailers near you. If Apple’s not your thing, then we can also recommend our best cheap laptop deals page – where we check out all the best windows alternatives and look to save you some cash.

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