Mozilla adds ad-free browsing to its anti-tracking protection in Firefox

Mozilla has announced a new initiative called Firefox Better Web with Scroll that combines the tracking protection of its Firefox browser with Scroll’s ad-free browsing experience.

Last year, Mozilla enabled Enhanced Tracking Protection in Firefox for all users by default to block third-party cookies and cryptomining. Scroll on the other hand, is a startup whose new subscription service allows users to read news from a number of outlets online without ads as the revenue is split among publishers.

Before launching the Firefox Better Web with Scroll beta, Mozilla worked with Scroll to collect feedback on this approach. 

According to the two companies’ research, users see ads as distracting to their online experience but they also want to support online journalism which is why many consumers choose not to use ad-blockers as a result of this. Mozilla also found that users want to support it directly because the company is a non-profit which puts its users first.

Now that Firefox Better Web with Scroll is in beta, anyone in the US that’s interested in browsing the web without ads and improved anti-tracking protection can sign up for a Firefox account and install the Better Web with Scroll extension.

This ad-free browsing experience will cost you though and Scroll is currently charging an introductory price of $2.49 per month, though its plans will eventually increase to $4.99.

Mozilla provided more details on how its new initiative will benefit both consumers and publishers in a blog post, saying:

“Your membership is paid directly to the publishers in Scroll’s network based on the content you read. Our hope is that the success of this model will demonstrate to publishers the value of having a more direct, uncluttered connection to their online audience. In turn, the publisher network will continue to grow to include every site you care about so that your money can go directly to pay for the quality journalism you want to read.”

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