New AWS programming service will automatically fix bugs in your code

Writing top-quality code may be about to get a whole lot easier thanks to a new release from Amazon Web Services.

AWS has announced the launch of CodeGuru, a programming tool that uses machine learning to squash bugs, fix errors and suggest improvements in lines of code.

The company says that CodeGuru can provide huge savings in terms of productivity and efficiency, freeing up workers from spending hours trawling through individual lines of code or application logs in order to try and spot errors.

Amazon CodeGuru

The platform includes two main tools that AWS says should help developers across a number of industries.

As mentioned above Amazon CodeGuru Reviewer can help to improve code quality by scanning for critical issues, identifying bugs, and recommending how best to remediate them. The platform has been trained on several decades of code reviews at and over ten thousand open-source projects on GitHub, giving it extensive knowledge on a large number of common issues.

Amazon CodeGuru Profiler helps developers find an application’s most expensive lines of code, providing specific visualizations and recommendations on how to improve this code to save money and make their processes more efficient. Amazon says it used the system to make previous Prime Day shopping events run smoothly, seeing huge increases in CPU efficiency and lowering costs.

“Our customers develop and run a lot of applications that include millions and millions of lines of code. Ensuring the quality and efficiency of that code is incredibly important, as bugs and inefficiencies in even a few lines of code can be very costly. Today, the methods for identifying code quality issues are time-consuming, manual, and error-prone, especially at scale,” said Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President, Amazon Machine Learning at AWS. 

“CodeGuru combines Amazon’s decades of experience developing and deploying applications at scale with considerable machine learning expertise to give customers a service that improves software quality, delights their customers with better application performance, and eliminates their most expensive lines of code.”

Amazon CodeGuru is available today in a number of AWS regions acros the US, EU and Asia, with availability in additional regions coming soon.

The news comes shortly after the release of Amazon Honeycode, a no-code app development program that lets users create mobile and web apps with no programming required.

Amazon Honeycode provides users with a web-based visual app builder that the company says takes a lot of the complications out of development, with the platform built on the power of AWS.

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