Printing Flyer Process – How Technology Helps You Market

Printing flyer processes start and end with a little thing we call technology. Without the advancements in today’s technological sphere, printing flyer orders could very well be a painstaking, lengthy ordeal. Many businesses have benefitted from this particular marketing avenue plenty of times in the past while saving lots of money, time and company energy. But without the machinery to print quality quickly, they might have explored other options first. The following are ways you can take full advantage of the process when ordering print collateral for your next campaign.

Most online printers utilize the 4-color offset press for printing flyer materials custom-made your way. This technology combines the colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black to form almost any hue imaginable (some may argue that certain shades can be askew, however this is the most popular method for most businesses.) The offset press literally “roll-stamps” your layout onto a piece of pre-chosen paper stock for an incredibly precise and dazzling finish. It’s the one reason why most big name companies advertise with print marketing created on offset machinery.

The custom options are where the real magic takes place. Looking for a protective shield and a quality shine to boot? Apply an aqueous or high gloss UV coating, or even lamination to your custom order. When printing flyer orders, you should always have an idea of what you’d like done to them. Hole-punching, collating, tabbing, folding, die-cutting, inserting and stapling are all ways to differentiate your piece. Be aware of the vast resources available at online printers in order to flesh out your materials with the best possible solutions for converting.

After the printing is done and the customization is applied, it’s imperative to distribute your flyer prints according to what’s best for your particular circumstances. For instance, if you’re a startup company in a small town, it might be wise to conduct a foot-campaign, that is, posting your flyers all over town at the appropriate venue. If you’re a large corporation, it might be more beneficial to directly mail them.

The latter option allows your printer to officially certify your mailers and size them up to clear all postal regulations (not to mention cover postage costs). This can be an inexpensive option for printing flyer processes and it will also save you a ton of time (think of all those stamps you’d have to adhere!) Computers make it possible to process your mailing list and apply a nice inkjet address on each piece so you don’t have to. Take advantage of all there is to offer as there is a lot of it out there!

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