Recession-Proof Your Business With Email Fax Service

Given the title of this article, you might be more than a little skeptical – after all, it might seem like an unusual thing to promise that you can recession-proof your business with an email fax service.

But when it comes to your business success, there’s no denying that it’s the little things that can have a massive impact on your company’s bottom line. There’s a myriad of obstacles waiting to drag down your business – and if you’re not careful, you could end up sinking to the onslaught of yet more rough economic times.

And with job creation at a standstill and company budgets shrinking by the minute, it’s become evident that if you want your business to survive any rough economic patches, you need to consider every money-saving idea, be it sending a fax from the internet or using virtual assistants.

So if you’re ready to discover the best ways to save more than a few dollars from your company’s bottom line, then read on for the best ways to recession-proof your business with small – yet powerful – ideas:

Send A Fax From The Internet: See that office equipment in the corner of your office? The one that takes forever to process documents and send faxes to your customers and employees? That innocuous machine is eating up more money than you might think. Think of the last time you had to send a fax: how long did it take you to transmit the message, let alone receive confirmation that the other party received the fax? And let’s not even begin to mention how much time you’ll have to invest in sending a fax should it not go through the first time.

That’s where an email fax service comes into play. An email fax service eliminates the time and resources it takes to transmit documents to the other party by allowing you to send a fax online. The operation is extremely similar to sending an email, expect the other party receives the documents right from their own fax machine. To send an Internet fax, all you have to do is upload or scan the documents you want to send, enter the receiving party’s information and click “send.” Within seconds, your party will receive the information via their own fax machine or online – it’s really that simple.

The ability to send a fax from the Internet isn’t just convenient; it can save significant manpower, time and resources that are better spent on keeping your business afloat during tough economic times.

A Virtual Assistant. Employee cuts are often an unfortunate consequence of a harsh economic climate. With all of the job cuts being made around the world – and even in larger Fortune 500 companies – there’s no denying that there have probably been more than a few cuts made in your own business.

However, this doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on the assistance you need to smoothly and efficiently run your office. If you want to save a bundle of money and get the office assistance you need without taking on additional employees, why not look up a virtual assistant? Much like an online consultant or freelancer, a virtual assistant is someone who can prepare you documents, email clients and do all the other things those assistants excel at…

… Except you’ll never meet your assistant face-to-face.

It’s just another example of how the Internet has made it possible to run a business with lower overhead costs. As a business leader, it’s obvious that you need an assistant (or two!) to help you juggle multiple tasks and responsibilities. But rather than take on the costs of hiring a real-world assistant (which includes salary, healthcare costs, additional benefits, etc.), you can simply head to the Internet, type in “virtual assistant” and see the wealth of advertisements that pop up. You don’t have to offer virtual assistants any benefits, and they’ll usually work for set wages between $8-$15 per hour.

If you want to advertise for a virtual assistant, head to, or Craigslist and post an ad. Be sure to accurately list the responsibilities of the job, including tasks that you expect them to complete on a regular basis. Detail your budget as well, so you won’t have to waste time reading the resumes of virtual assistants who are out of your price range.

Recession-proofing your business should be a majority priority, as it’s apparent that yet another economic crash is imminent. Thanks to profit-friendly ideas like an email fax service and virtual assistants, you can eliminate waste without having to sacrifice on the things that help your business run smoothly.

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