Smartphones or mobile phones?

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Owning a mobile phone is one of the most common things in the world today. With the affordability and access to mobile services, almost everyone has a mobile phone to keep in touch with friends and family, as well as do business on the go. When selecting a mobile device, we need to look at a few considerations such as what to know before buying a phone, as well as the specifications you are looking for on a phone. With the vast array of devices available, there is a mobile phone to suit everyone’s needs.

Mobile telecommunication devices are available in hundreds of designs, each with many functionalities and operating systems. They vary in colour and style and have a wide range of accessories such as earphones, screen protectors and phone cases.

While you may think there are hundreds of types of phones available, there are actually only 2 types. Mobile phones and smartphones. While both have the same basic functions, there are vast differences to each. Let’s inspect the 2 types of phones available:

Mobile phones:
Mobile phones are devices used primarily for calling and texting. With features such as an address book, calendar, contacts, games, and internet access, they do not allow for any third party application downloads. They are straightforward and simple in design, and therefore cheaper than their smartphone cousin. These devices have a small screen and number pad, but have the advantage that they are available in a wide selection of fun colors, and not the limited options you would have with smartphones. Some mobile phones have a built-in camera, but it has a low pixel count and poor imaging capability as it does not have the advanced features of a smartphone. Mobile phones allow for basic software updates to fix bugs, but this does not make a tremendous impact on functionality.

Smartphones are mobile devices that are advanced in terms of their operating system, design, and ability to download third-party applications to enhance the functions on your phone. They have a touch screen and make use of a QWERTY keyboard rather than a number pad. A few extra features include a digital assistant, reminders, GPS and mapping capability, enhanced camera capabilities which include filters and advanced settings, bigger screens, as well as the ability to upgrade the software regularly to improve the device performance. All smartphones offer internet access, as well as email capabilities, which is perfect for conducting business on the go. Smartphones range in price from cheaper to more expensive, based on their features and design, and are available in original materials such as steel and leather, to suit the user’s needs.

Whether you opt for a more simple device such as a mobile phone, or prefer the advanced features of a smartphone, it is all down to what you will use the phone for, as well as how much you will spend. It is necessary to note that both options are available on contract or as pay-as-you-go.