The cheapest 512GB laptop right now has one feature ALL laptop vendors should copy

Kuu K2 laptop – $329 at Gearbest (£263/AU$471)
This laptop comes equipped with 512GB of onboard storage and a quad-core Intel Celeron J4115 with Intel HD Graphics 600. Gearbest is currently selling the Kuu K2 for 40 percent off its retail price. Pick it up while you can!View Deal

We came across the Kuu K1 not so long ago and were mildly impressed by the manufacturer. But there were promising signs and Kuu is now back with the K2. It is currently on sale at Gearbest for only $340 making it the cheapest new laptop worldwide with 512GB onboard storage.

Gone is the power hungry Core i5-5257U which is now replaced by the quad-core Intel Celeron J4115, which we reviewed in the Chuwi Larkbox.

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