The cheapest 8GB RAM laptop even comes with Windows 10 Pro

KUU Kbook Pro laptop – $225 from Gearbest
The KUU Kbook hits the all important 8GB RAM threshold – and does so at an impressively affordable price. Its processor is by no means the most powerful around, but the inclusion of a 256GB SSD and Windows 10 Pro make this an excellent bargain indeed.View Deal

Our quest to find the most affordable laptop with 8GB of RAM has brought us once again to the Chinese retailer Gearbest, which is selling the KUU KbookPro for a mere $225. Just note that exact prices will vary region by region, depending on the day’s exchange rate, and international customers may be levied additional charges by customs.

8GB is the magic number because it’s the minimum amount of system memory Windows 10 will run on comfortably. Remember, 1GB of memory tends to be allocated to graphics, so very often you’re left with significantly less than 80% of available RAM. Thankfully, this notebook from Kuu hits the all-important threshold.

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