The cheapest Xeon mobile workstation will rip through any video editing task

HP 15.6-inch ZBook 15v G5 – $1,649.00 at B&H
(roughly £1,300)
This mobile workstation from HP is the most affordable on the market to feature a monstrous Intel Xeon processor. The ZBook 15v G5 will happily churn through any computer intensive task it’s given. Plus, it comes with a free one-year subscription to Bitdefender Total Security 2020 (5 devices) worth $90.View Deal

At the time of writing, the HP 15.6-inch ZBook 15v G5 is the most affordable Intel Xeon mobile workstation on the market.

It’s billed as a high-performance portable business laptop that excels at creative and number-crunching tasks and yet somehow manages to maintain a relatively affordable price tag.

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