This extraordinary motherboard is being used by server CPU scavengers

It’s hard to believe, but even motherboard vendors have factory outlet stores (FOS). Straight from AliExpress comes the Shenzhen FOS, which specialises in new motherboards for obsolete server processors.

Dual X79 motherboard – $76.50 from AliExpress
(roughly £63/AU$120)
Every now and again, eBay and AliExpress are awash with old servers ditched by the world’s cloud computing giants. With this competitively-priced motherboard from Shenzhen FOS, you can take full advantage of these server CPU flash sales.View Deal

Shenzhen FOS has managed to carve out a niche based on the fact that, every now and then, tens of thousands server CPUs flood the market as hyperscalers and cloud computing providers (web hosting, cloud storage, website builders, VPN companies etc.) change platforms.

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