This free AI code-completion tool now works with JavaScript as well as Python

Writing code by hand can be difficult but thankfully the AI coding assistant Kite is here to help and the startup has recently expanded its service to also include JavaScript in addition to Python.

The company’s code completion tool has supported Python for the last six years and is able to predict the next several code elements that developers are likely to type in a similar way to Google’s Smart Compose suggestions in Gmail.

According to Kite, developers are 18 percent more productive on average when using its code completion tool that helps cut down on repetitive coding tasks, errors and the time developers spend searching reference documents.

In an effort to improve security, the company has also shifted from processing code completions in the cloud to local machines to better serve developers that don’t want to send their code off site.

JavaScript support

Up until now, Kite only worked with Python as adding support for additional programming languages would require the company to write a completely new symantic engine for each language. However, it is now using a natural language processing approach along with OpenAI’s GPT to develop machine learning-powered autocompletion for JavaScript code. Kite also plans to add support for Google’s Go programming language in the future.

The company used 22m open source JavaScript files in order to train its new deep learning model to ensure that its code completion tool works with popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks including React, Vue, Angular and Node.js.

In a blog post, head of product at Kite, Daniel Hung explained how the company’s AI coding assistant can make writing JavaScript much easier for developers, saying:

“The JavaScript ecosystem continually invents new frameworks and design patterns. These inventions make it a vibrant place to be, but it also creates the need to learn an ever-changing set of code patterns and APIs. Kite’s deep learning models have learned all of these patterns, and understand the context of your code, so Kite can predict chunks of code and put them in your completions.”

Kite for JavaScript is completely free and interested users can download it here.

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