This HDMI Stick PC has a unique feature found nowhere else

Minisforum S40 PC – $139.99 at Banggood (£110/AU$204)
This HDMI stick PC comes with an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, Intel UHD 600 graphics, 4GB of DDR4 RAM, 64GB of storage and Windows 10 Pro. It’s also 54 percent off its regular price on Banggood right now. Pick it up while you can!View Deal

The Minisforum S40 PC is not your standard computer; it is one of the very few HDMI stick PCs that have recently appeared on the market and while we don’t necessarily embrace that form factor enthusiastically for a number of reasons, we do acknowledge that it has its uses especially in the B2B market where it can be used with digital signage, large format displays etc.

At 133 x 46mm for a weight of 300g, it is a far more compact way to transport a PC around; it is powered by an active fan which Minisforum claims is relatively quiet (only 30dB). It is powered by a 15W power supply unit that plugs via a Type-C port; you should be able to power it using a standard Type-C adaptor (like that of a recent smartphone) or even an emergency battery charger.

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