This is the cheapest Chromebox in the world right now

For just over $180 or £145, you can get your hands on a rebadged Asus Chromebox 3 – the cheapest PC that runs on Chrome OS – from Chinese retailer Aliexpress.

Chromebox mini PC – $182.56/£147.50 from Aliexpress
(roughly AU$285)
If you’re already immersed in the Chrome/Android ecosystem, this Chromebox could be the machine for you – and it’s dirt cheap! New updates to the Chrome OS are installed automatically, the device is secured with Google’s own anti-malware software and it also features a range of useful connectors.View Deal

Sold under the Gemnes brand name, the device runs on the Intel Celeron 3865U with 4GB RAM, 32GB storage, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, a GbE LAN connection, six USB ports (including a Type-C one) and a card reader.

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