This is the cheapest curved monitor we’ve ever found

Viotek NB24C curved monitor – $109.99 (roughly $85)
Curved monitors are usually associated with gaming rigs, but can be a great option for businesses too. Thanks to this exceptionally affordable 24-inch model from Viotek, it’s cheaper than ever to sample the concave display experience. View Deal

The idea of using an inward bending monitor to enhance immersion is usually associated with gaming or consuming entertainment media, but there’s also genuine interest from professionals who desire color uniformity and, let’s be honest, something slightly different.

Well, the Viotek NB24C could be all this and more; this is the smallest and the cheapest curved display we’ve come across. Its size (24-inch) and price ($109.99/around £85) are also ideal if you want to set a couple of them side by side for even more curvature.

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