This tiny PC is barely bigger than a USB thumb drive and costs far less than you think

T98 Mini PC – $44.59 at Banggood (£34.70/AU$63.33)
This tiny personal computer is among the smallest we’ve ever come across – it’s barely any larger than a USB flash drive. Given its low price point, the components on board are surprisingly decent too. This quirky device is currently available at 25% off, so grab it while you can.View Deal

The T98 Mini is one of the smallest Android-powered personal computers that we’ve come across. At 38 x 89 x 15mm, it can be easily carried around and is barely larger than a USB drive (e.g. the Kingston 2TB DataTraveler Ultimate GT Flash Drive).

It’s also surprisingly affordable given the hardware inside: the Allwinner H6 system-on-chip, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 32GB eMMC Flash. The H6 packs four Cortex-A53 cores with a Mali-T720 GPU and supports (unofficial) 6K resolution. 

All in all, that’s better than some Windows tablets we’ve handled in the past.

The device connects to a monitor via HDMI and supports HDMI 2.1 (4K at 60Hz). It has two microUSB ports (one OTG, one for power), one full sized USB 3.0 port and a microSD card slot. We would have loved to see a Type-C connector included, but that might have bumped up the price significantly.

The device also comes with a remote control, but we do lament the fact there’s no power supply unit (a 10W model is necessary), no 802.11ac Wi-Fi nor audio connector. 

In theory, because it runs Android 9.0, businesses will be able to use it to run a wide variety of applications, including Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365) and Google G Suite.

Bear in mind

  • If this product comes from mainland China, it will take at least a month to reach either the US or the UK (and potentially more). You may be levied a tax either directly or through the courier.
  • If you’ve found a cheaper product with equivalent specifications, in stock and brand new, let us know and we’ll tip our hat to you.

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