Tips on how to improve your CV

A CV is the first point of contact with a potential employer. To leave a good initial impression, you need to prepare your CV carefully.

There are a huge variety of ways to improve your CV, with some requiring serious effort and others requiring only a little attention.

Let’s look at some tips from recruiters that should help you improve your CV and get the interview you want.

Tailor your CV to each job opening

The recruiter and the employer you send your CV to are only interested in the business problems they are currently solving.

For the recruiter to look at your CV and immediately think, “This person is the right candidate!”, you should tailor your CV to the requirements of the specific job.

Make minor changes to it, with a focus on different skills or different career goals. But this way you will demonstrate that you can handle the challenges of a particular company.

Another reason to change your resume for each job is because companies may use automatic job search management systems (ATS) that automatically filter out unsuitable resumes based on keywords.

Optimise your CV

Keywords are the best allies in putting together an effective CV.

When opening a CV, recruiters first look through it with their eyes for keywords. And if at this point they see words that identify the candidate as suitable for the position, they will look more closely. This is the first effect of the CV that needs to be achieved.

To do this, you need to carefully study the job description and make notes on what kind of candidate the employer is applying for. Then use these keywords in your CV.

You can also use some of the words from the job description. But use only parts of it and only words that describe you. If you copy everything from your resume, the recruiter won’t think it’s accurate and won’t want to do business with you.

To present you on your CV as a worthy candidate, provide examples from your professional life that support this.

Use CV templates to make your CV look professional

The days when your resume could look like a standard form are over. There are many good-looking templates you can use online to make your CV stand out from the rest of the applicants.

However, the benefit of templates is not in their aesthetics. Templates allow you to structure your information properly.

First and foremost, remember that all information should be readable in your resume. Therefore, you should not choose templates with a lot of graphic elements. Give preference to concise and restrained templates, so you don’t have to change the design for companies with different corporate cultures.You have already realised that to be able to choose from several employers and get an interesting and well-paid job, it makes sense to prepare your CV consciously and carefully. So another win-win way to get a good CV is to buy a resume.