Website Design – 5 Website Design Template Customization Tips

Using a website design template is much more functional and cost effective than getting a custom made site. In fact, it is even possible to get a totally free website design template. Still, it is up to you to customize each page to make it unique and corresponding to your business needs. Use this guide to create an attractive and functional site that has on match on the web.

Add your logo to each page.

Having your company’s logo on the top right hand corner of each page will definitely make your site unique and your business recognizable. If you do not have a logo, you can readily get one from a web designer or a graphic designer. For the time being, you can just place your company’s name in capital letters and perhaps an image from your personal collection.

Add unique relevant images.

The images are the ones that catch the attention first and not the written content. That is why you need to choose unique good quality pictures to add to your pages. They should be relevant to the theme of your site. They should be optimized for the web and they should not increase your pages’ loading time significantly.

Choose attractive colors pleasing to the eye.

You can choose from hundreds of colors, when using a good quality free website design template. It is important for the main color of your site to be soft. Good examples include beige, pistachio and light pink. Dark colors are not attractive and functional.

In general, the color you choose should not distract the visitor and interfere with reading. That is why you should check the color you have chosen for functionality before you decide to leave it for good.

Increase the white space.

This is not literally white space. This is jargon describing the space between the different elements on the pages. If your text and image content as well as the tables and menu are too crowded, the pages will be less attractive and lose their functionality. Make sure each element is easy to recognize and to use.

Use footer on every page.

The reality is that most visitors get to the bottom of the page, so you would want to make the most out of it by adding useful information. You can add your company’s name, address and contact details. You can also add a menu. You can add RSS or the logos of affiliates.

Use all these tips to make the most out of your free website design template.

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