Why it’s time to review how businesses hire top tech talent

Whether you are a recruiting CTO or CIO, an IT contractor or work for an in-house tech team, the ongoing pandemic is impacting us all in many different ways. The news that IR35 legislation would be postponed in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak was welcomed, but does little more than put off the inevitable difficulties this regulation will create for contractors and the organisations that rely on their services.

It’s clear that top IT talent and digital skills will play a key role as we emerge from this current crisis – innovation and transformation of pre-COVID business models and ways of doing things will be crucial to recovery. With this in mind, isn’t it time for a re-think of the huge benefit of contractors to project teams, to look again at how IR35 will negatively impact both businesses and contractors alike, and consider how businesses can access digital skills more effectively?

IR35 – the challenges ahead

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