Windows 10 May 2020 Update is blocked for some users because of OneDrive

Windows 10 May 2020 Update is being prevented from installation on some PCs thanks to OneDrive, at least according to reports online.

This situation was highlighted by Windows Latest, and it goes back to an issue which emerged earlier this week whereby Windows 10 is telling some folks that they can’t upgrade to the May 2020 Update because their ‘PC settings aren’t supported yet’.

The problem being that users aren’t given any clue as to what settings might be at fault, or what they might need to do to resolve the problem and get the upgrade delivered. They are simply told: “Microsoft is working to support your settings soon. No action is needed.”

Various theories and potential workarounds have been aired around this issue, and Windows Latest has pitched in with another, namely that they found after uninstalling the OneDrive app, they could go ahead and upgrade to the May 2020 Update.

A Reddit user reported the same experience: “So I uninstalled OneDrive (from Control Panel), rebooted, and then the [May 2020 Update] upgrade went through this time (using Windows Update Assistant).

“After the upgrade was complete I saw that OneDrive was apparently re-installed by the update, so I just needed to log in to OneDrive again – and then wait for it to re-sync everything.”

OneDrive complications

Windows Latest observes the same – that you can simply reinstall OneDrive after the upgrade – but we wonder about the wisdom of taking this course of action. After all, the block may be in place for a good reason, and we also recently heard about the May 2020 Update breaking OneDrive functionality.

So it’s quite possible that this could all be tied into that particular spanner in the Windows works, and for that reason, we’d recommend you might be best sitting tight for now – unless you’re desperate for the latest Windows 10 upgrade.

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