Wix’s Editor X is now available to all users

After unveiling its new website creation platform earlier this year, Wix has announced that Editor X is now generally available.

The platform, which was previously only available in a closed beta program, is designed to cater specifically to web designers and agencies working to redefine the limits of website design.

Editor X features advanced design capabilities, approachable CSS technology, full development capabilities with Corvid by Wix and Wix’s rich suite of business solutions to empower professional web creators to design, manage and grow their websites.

Editor X

In a press release, co-founder and CEO of Wix, Avishai Abrahami explained how Editor X removes the restrictions typically placed on web designers and creators, saying:

“Gifted and talented creators have the ability to see the invisible and create the unimaginable. Until now these creators’ only option was platforms with restricted design freedoms or limited business web infrastructure that demanded code and multiple plugins. With Editor X, we’ve built the world’s best CSS editor and designed a radical new creative landscape for designers and web professionals, one in which the technology keeps pace with designers’ visions and enables them to swiftly create the breathtaking websites, applications and digital experiences that continually raise the standard of the web.” 

While Editor X is still in beta, interested users can try it out for free now by signing up here.

If you’ve used Wix in the past and wished there were more features or are planning to work with CSS, then it could be worth giving Editor X a try.

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