SEO Consultant Answers Questions About Website Optimization

What can I do for eCommerce SEO right away?

SEO is extremely valuable to every online business out there, and nowhere is that more apparent than when considering eCommerce websites. When you sell specific products directly through your website, there are a few things you can do immediately to start seeing better and more profitable rankings. First of all, you want to consider going for specific products and specific name brands in the beginning. When you’re able to gain results for particular items that you’re offering, you are ready to start seeing a higher conversion rate for the number of organic rankings you’re getting.


For example, the term “women’s shoes’ ‘ is a very competitive and comprehensive term where someone searching is unlikely to be at the point of making a purchase. Also, it will be challenging to rank highly for a name so generalized. Now, if you were to gear your optimization towards “black women’s Gucci sneakers’ ‘ we’re going for a far less competitive term where the user already knows what they’re looking for. This means it’s easier to get the ranking as there is less competition, and it’s far higher converting for the number of clicks based on the fact that the user is close to making a purchase.

Where should I syndicate my content?

This is an important topic when it comes to SEO optimization, and experts throughout the industry are always debating the best route. For the most part, syndicating and developing your content on authoritative article platform sites, like here at, is a great option. They only accept unique content and allow users to place anchor text links in their author bio point to a website of their choice, under a search term of their choice. There are loads of other sites out there offering similar services, and you want to ensure you’re covering as many of them as possible. Look for websites that provide Follow links as opposed to No-follow links as search engines can rank the follow links more powerfully.

Can I benefit from the expertise of an SEO Consultant?

Unless you’ve been doing search engine marketing and optimization for some time, you’ll be hard-pressed to see the results you’re looking for in today’s ever more competitive markets. There are too many companies and individuals looking to get the same positions nowadays, and that means if you’re trying to learn as you go along, you’ll find it very difficult to see any rankings at all, let alone first page results. Contacting houston seo consulting is usually the best option to keep in mind if you have any budget to allocate to your marketing. They know the ins and outs of organic rankings, know how to start quickly, update regularly, and see the results you’ve always been looking for.

Be sure to do your research into any SEO firm you’re considering working with, as what most of them won’t tell you is that they outsource the work that you’ve hired them for. This is something to be avoided at all costs as you only really want to work with a company that will work on your behalf directly and looks at you as an individual as well as a business. Speak with an SEO expert to see how knowledgeable any SEO consultants you’re considering are, do they sound like they know what they’re talking about? If not, look elsewhere and never make a hasty decision when determining who to hire for your business.